Alpha Behavioral Care blogs en The Slacker Syndrome <p>I have been referred many patients by worried family members who are<br /> concerned that their relatives lack drive, appear spacey and don't listen. If they have not already, they may turn to street drugs and drop out of school. That is the bad news! This is not a psychological deficit or a failure of will power, but rather this is a biological condition known as attention deficit disorder. There is a lack of dopamine leading to an inability to complete tasks. With the appropriate medication, the dopamine will be replaced leading the patient to be able to focus, pay attention, and complete tasks. </p> Wed, 29 Sep 2010 18:57:52 +0000 docrainbow 82 at Emerging psychiatric technologies <p>In order to deliver treatment more quickly and effectively to patients, I have recently begun using three specific emerging psychiatric technologies. These include: rEEG Guided Pharmacotherapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and Webcam-based Psychotherapy.</p> <p> <strong>rEEG Guided Pharmacotherapy</strong> </p> <p>I have participated in clinical trials assessing the effectiveness of rEEG Guided Pharmacotherapy in subjects with depression treatment failure. This assessment has shown rEEG treatment to be about 75-80% reliable compared to our usual clinical assessment of about 67%. </p> <p><strong>Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation<br /> </strong> </p> <p>I have begun to use transcranial magnetic stimulation as a substitute for ECT that has relatively few side effects. Magnetic stimuli are applied to the left prefrontal cortex (PFC) when individuals are depressed with a hypoactive PFC. The stimuli increases the activity in the PFC normalizing the patient’s mood. If a patient is manic, the prefrontal cortex is hyperactive. These stimuli are applied to the right prefrontal cortex, lowering the PFC to within the normal range. </p> <p> <strong>Webcam-based Psychotherapy</strong> </p> <p>Webcam-based treatment can be done anywhere on the planet using the Skype online service for video/audio feedback. This increases the ability of the therapist to meet with patients. <br /> I would be happy to discuss any of these technologies at a greater length.</p> <p>- Dr. Richardson</p> Wed, 15 Sep 2010 18:20:07 +0000 docrainbow 80 at Sex, Golf, and Wives <p>I have always wondered about golf widowhood. Why should men prefer golf over their wives? The answer is simple. Men like to have control. They like knowing that if they put the ball in the hole there is a positive pay off. They will be looked up to as a good player. </p> <p>On the other hand they never know what to expect from their wife. She might not be in the mood. She might be too tired. She might just go through the motions. She might get angry with him. Johnny might not perform. However his golf clubs are reliable. They will always perform. He will always get the ball in the hole even if it takes 5 to 10 tries. </p> <p>Of course his focus on golf will take him away from a positive emotional interaction with his wife. He is afraid of this because who knows what her emotions will lead to. Without the happiness, their relationship will become more distant leading to a stale, dull, boring, and distant marriage. </p> <p>What can we do to promote a closer conjugal relationship? </p> <p>I need feedback!</p> Fri, 30 Oct 2009 14:48:28 +0000 docrainbow 63 at Genes Trump Environment <p>I have observed that genes trump environment. We raised our two children<br /> similarly. However our daughter is a lot like me. Our son is a lot like his mother. If environment mattered more our children should have a blended personality somewhere between the mom and the dad. They don’t. Therefore genes trump environment.</p> <!--break--><!--break--><p>Furthermore genes will express health/illness along with personality. Our son has an allergic tendency like his mother. Given that his personality is similar perhaps the same set of genes express both illness and personality. </p> <p>Why does this matter? If one looks at the medical history of ones parents/grandparents and perhaps uncles and aunts and correlate their personalities to their children's personalities one can infer that the children have perhaps an 80% chance of developing the same illness and having an 80% chance of responding to the same treatments.<br /> I invite comments.</p> Mon, 12 Oct 2009 14:21:44 +0000 docrainbow 64 at Waiting for the Cheetah to pass <p>Sometimes, there is no obvious answer. After the Cape Buffalo run, about a week later at dawn, a Tanzanian guide came running to my tent. He motioned to me “come quickly.” I ran after him to the main lodge. In back of the building was a long porch. Behind the porch was a stretch of mowed lawn. At the edge of the lawn was a sign “Danger Wild Animals.” Beyond the lawn was high grass. It was safe to walk on the lawn but not the high grass.</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/image002_0.jpg" width="350" height="227" alt="image002_0.jpg" style="float:left;margin:12px" /><br /> The guide said “go to the back of the building and look at the cheetah.” I ran to the back. I looked. I saw a cheetah in the high grass. I ran toward it but stayed on my side of the sign. All of a sudden the cheetah stopped. It moved onto the mowed grass. I realized that the cheetah could not read signs in English but only in Swahili. It turned around and looked at me. I didn’t know what to do. There was no obvious answer. I felt like a mouse. If I ran toward the cheetah it would run toward me. If I ran away again I feared it would run toward me. I felt like I was going to be converted into meat. It was a most unpleasant sensation. I froze. After an eternity, it moved on. No one was around. The guide had disappeared. The tour group had not gotten up. I felt very lucky to be alive. I learned that if there is no obvious answer, wait. An answer will emerge.</p> Tue, 18 Aug 2009 17:19:35 +0000 docrainbow 65 at The 1,800 Pound Buffalo in the room <p>While in Tanzania, I disregarded the obvious. I was with a tour group. The group got up at dawn. They did not run. I was determined not to inconvenience them. In consequence I ran 45 minutes before dawn. The trail was in the jungle. As I started out there was fresh scat (feces). The scat was dumped by African Cape Buffalo.</p> <p><img style="float:left; padding-right: 10px;" src="/sites/default/files/cape.jpg" width="404" height="342" alt="cape.jpg" /></p> <p>African Buffalo are about 7 to 11 feet long weighing up to 1,800 lbs. They have few natural predators. It takes several lions to bring down a fully grown African Buffalo. Unlike most African mammals which either ignore or run away from us, the Cape Buffalo turns around to face us in order to be ready to attack us. Owing to their unpredictable nature they are very dangerous killing several people every year. </p> <p>I knew all the facts. Nonetheless I was determined to complete my run. Upon returning to the camp I asked the camp leader if indeed I was running in the vicinity of Cape Buffalo. He said yes. I said “I think I did a very stupid thing.” He said yes and added “please don’t do it again.” “I would lose my job if you are killed.” I promised him on scouts honor I would not do so. </p> <p>Why did I do this? I was caught up in my daily routine. I had to do my run. I knew about the danger but I disregarded my better judgment. </p> <p>Let me hear from you. Have you ever disregarded the obvious?</p> Tue, 18 Aug 2009 17:09:27 +0000 docrainbow 66 at LIVE IN THE PRESENT! <p>I founded Alpha in order to bring you state of the art treatment. I have observed that many people of us are stuck. Too often we worry about what has gone wrong in the past as well as what can go awry in the future. Unfortunately the past is history. The future is not knowable.</p> <p>What we can do is not repeat our past mistakes, live in the present, and focus on the immediate future. Too many of us worry about what we can’t do rather than do what we can. My philosophy is to do the obvious today!</p> <p>I invite comments and feedbacks.</p> Tue, 18 Aug 2009 16:38:02 +0000 docrainbow 67 at