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The Slacker Syndrome

I have been referred many patients by worried family members who are

Emerging psychiatric technologies

In order to deliver treatment more quickly and effectively to patients, I have recently begun using three specific emerging psychiatric technologies. These include: rEEG Guided Pharmacotherapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and Webcam-based Psychotherapy.

rEEG Guided Pharmacotherapy

Sex, Golf, and Wives

I have always wondered about golf widowhood. Why should men prefer golf over their wives? The answer is simple. Men like to have control. They like knowing that if they put the ball in the hole there is a positive pay off. They will be looked up to as a good player.

Genes Trump Environment

I have observed that genes trump environment. We raised our two children
similarly. However our daughter is a lot like me. Our son is a lot like his mother. If environment mattered more our children should have a blended personality somewhere between the mom and the dad. They don't. Therefore genes trump environment.

Waiting for the Cheetah to pass

Sometimes, there is no obvious answer. After the Cape Buffalo run, about a week later at dawn, a Tanzanian guide came running to my tent. He motioned to me "come quickly." I ran after him to the main lodge. In back of the building was a long porch. Behind the porch was a stretch of mowed lawn. At the edge of the lawn was a sign "Danger Wild Animals." Beyond the lawn was high grass. It was safe to walk on the lawn but not the high grass.


The 1,800 Pound Buffalo in the room

While in Tanzania, I disregarded the obvious. I was with a tour group. The group got up at dawn. They did not run. I was determined not to inconvenience them. In consequence I ran 45 minutes before dawn. The trail was in the jungle. As I started out there was fresh scat (feces). The scat was dumped by African Cape Buffalo.



I founded Alpha in order to bring you state of the art treatment. I have observed that many people of us are stuck. Too often we worry about what has gone wrong in the past as well as what can go awry in the future. Unfortunately the past is history. The future is not knowable.

What we can do is not repeat our past mistakes, live in the present, and focus on the immediate future. Too many of us worry about what we can't do rather than do what we can. My philosophy is to do the obvious today!

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