Webcam Psychotherapy

The future of psychotherapy in the 21st century has arrived!

Live audiovisual webcam psychotherapy allows a patient to communicate with their psychiatrist right from their home, job, or anywhere there is internet access. Dr. Richardson is one of the leading pioneers in the field of webcam psychotherapy today. Dr. Richardson started out using live audiovisual webcam psychotherapy to conduct therapy sessions by webcam for his patients who could not travel to his office for various medical reasons or for those who simply did not drive or own a car. Eventually he expanded his webcam psychotherapy sessions to his patients who requested it purely for the convenience as well as the time and money saved in not having to travel by car. Many of the webcam therapy patients in the latter group are business executives who lead busy lives with hectic schedules and everyday have to juggle all of the responsibilities of work and family. Routinely at the end of every webcam psychotherapy session they tell Dr. Richardson that they have benefited tremendously from the extra time they have gained from not having to travel to his office.

What is live audiovisual webcam psychotherapy?

It is traditional therapy that is conducted using modern technology over the internet afforded by the use of a webcam(webcamera). This allows Dr. Richardson and his patients to see and speak to each other online, just like if they were in his office together.

Is live audiovisual webcam psychotherapy right for you?

  1. Have you ever thought of seeing a psychiatrist, but don't feel like you have the time?
  2. Are you having trouble finding a "top doctor-psychiatrist" that is right in your home town?
  3. Are you someone who travels a lot but still wants to be able to see a psychiatrist?
  4. Are you disabled or have difficulty traveling to meet a psychiatrist in-person at the doctor's office?

If you answered yes, to any of these questions webcam therapy can help you!

Technical requirements:

  1. Have a computer with internet access
  2. Own a webcam (many computers nowadays come with webcams or you can purchase one for about $20)

You do not have to be familiar with advanced technology to use these features. Most modern laptop computers have webcameras built into the computer. Generally, therapy is conducted using a video-chat based program, such as Skype. Skype can be downloaded for free on the internet at

When it is time for your appointment you sign in to your Skype account and Dr. Richardson will do the same. Once you are both online, therapy can begin!

To get the help you need please call Dr. Richardson right now and take the first and most important step in your treatment and recovery by calling (908) 598-0008 to set up your first appointment.