Alpha Behavioral Care, P.A.

Treatments Tailored to You

Our therapists include a team of highly trained psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and social workers who are all up-to-date on the newest treatment methods. Some of our specialties include the treatment of stress, depression, personality and anxiety disorders.

Our therapists address your concerns and needs by taking into account the biological and environmental factors that can contribute to or aggravate your condition. Our therapists develop a treatment plan that encompasses each of your needs by looking at your physical health, family and work environment, personal goals, spirituality, and any other issues that are important to you.

Your treatment may include:

Solution-Focused Therapy

Helping you develop specific objectives for your treatment that allow you to focus your energies on finding a solution rather than focusing on the problem itself. We give you specific guidance for improvement, and you are acknowledged for your success as each goal is attained.

Couples Counseling

Through various therapies and programs, we can help you understand each other, open lines of communication and learn how to love again.

State-of-the-Art Psychopharmacology

Using prescription medications and EEG systems, we can safely and effectively treat psychiatric illness and neuropsychiatric conditions such as severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar behavior and other chronic conditions.

My Medication Isn't Working

If you are currently taking medication as part of your psychiatric
treatment, and it is not producing the results you need, Alpha Behavioral
Care can help.

In fact, if your medication isn't working for you, you are experiencing one
of the most common and frustrating issues for patients and doctors alike.
Finding the right medication for an individual patient is one of the biggest
hurdles facing medical professionals. There are more than 130 psychotropic
drugs available to treat patients, and, since medications affect everyone
differently, it is difficult to know which regimen is best. The most common
approach has been a trial-and error process.

Through PEER Online™, Alpha Behavioral Care can learn which medications have
been effective, and which have not been effective for our peers in treating
patients with similar brain patterns. We use the data to help us identify
the medications most likely to achieve a positive outcome for individual
patients, based on your unique neurophysiology. PEER Online™ builds on the
earlier physician - developed database used by Alpha Behavioral Care, called Referenced EEG (rEEG). Alpha Behavioral Care can determine if a PEER
Outcome Report™ is recommended for you.

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