Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry - PEER

What is a Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry (PEER)?

  • A simple computerized electroencephalogram (EEG) is collected. An EEG records a person's brain electrical activity, much like an EKG does for the heart. This helps us to understand a patient's unique brain patterns or neurophysiology.
  • The EEG is compared to people with similar EEGs to see what medications worked and did not work for them.
  • A report is generated which will help guide your prescriber to better understand treatment options specifically designed for you.

Do you meet these criteria?

  • No recent hospitalizations.
  • No history of psychosis.
  • Currently not taking medications or able to safely decrease and stop taking medications including those for medical conditions, until the EEG has been collected. IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be done with the guidance of your medical team if it is decided that tapering off your medication is the correct decision.
  • No alcohol, medical marijuana or recreational drugs for a specific time prior to collection of EEG.

Other Important Information:

  • Some health insurances may cover a portion of the cost.
  • The cost for the EEG and PEER Outcome Report is about $1200 and payment plans are available.
  • Thorough assessment is necessary for all those interested in utilizing the EEG and PEER.

What is PEER Online™?

The Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry, or PEER Online™, is based on a transformative idea used to help treat pediatric cancer. In the 1970's, oncologists treating pediatric cancer developed a registry that helped them network and compare treatment regimens and patient outcomes, in order to advance knowledge of pediatric cancer. The system, which is still in place, enables physicians to learn what works and what does not for treating pediatric cancer, and has significantly improved children's cancer survival and recovery rates.

PEER Online provides the same kind of vital exchange of information between medical professionals who are treating patients with mental health issues. It starts with a digital EEG which records a patient's brainwaves, much like an EKG does for the heart. And, just like an EKG, the digital EEG is safe and noninvasive. You simply sit comfortably while your brainwave patterns are recorded. Once we have completed your digital EEG, Alpha Behavioral Care uses PEER Online and the PEER Outcome Report™ to compare which medication treatments have been effective, and which have not been effective for treating patients with similar brain patterns. PEER Online builds on the earlier physician-developed database called Referenced-EEG© (rEEG©).