The 1,800 Pound Buffalo in the room

While in Tanzania, I disregarded the obvious. I was with a tour group. The group got up at dawn. They did not run. I was determined not to inconvenience them. In consequence I ran 45 minutes before dawn. The trail was in the jungle. As I started out there was fresh scat (feces). The scat was dumped by African Cape Buffalo.


African Buffalo are about 7 to 11 feet long weighing up to 1,800 lbs. They have few natural predators. It takes several lions to bring down a fully grown African Buffalo. Unlike most African mammals which either ignore or run away from us, the Cape Buffalo turns around to face us in order to be ready to attack us. Owing to their unpredictable nature they are very dangerous killing several people every year.

I knew all the facts. Nonetheless I was determined to complete my run. Upon returning to the camp I asked the camp leader if indeed I was running in the vicinity of Cape Buffalo. He said yes. I said "I think I did a very stupid thing." He said yes and added "please don't do it again." "I would lose my job if you are killed." I promised him on scouts honor I would not do so.

Why did I do this? I was caught up in my daily routine. I had to do my run. I knew about the danger but I disregarded my better judgment.

Let me hear from you. Have you ever disregarded the obvious?