Sex, Golf, and Wives

I have always wondered about golf widowhood. Why should men prefer golf over their wives? The answer is simple. Men like to have control. They like knowing that if they put the ball in the hole there is a positive pay off. They will be looked up to as a good player.

On the other hand they never know what to expect from their wife. She might not be in the mood. She might be too tired. She might just go through the motions. She might get angry with him. Johnny might not perform. However his golf clubs are reliable. They will always perform. He will always get the ball in the hole even if it takes 5 to 10 tries.

Of course his focus on golf will take him away from a positive emotional interaction with his wife. He is afraid of this because who knows what her emotions will lead to. Without the happiness, their relationship will become more distant leading to a stale, dull, boring, and distant marriage.

What can we do to promote a closer conjugal relationship?

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