I urge you to consider Dr. Richardson as your therapist.

Dr. William Richardson, located in Summit, NJ is an outstanding psychiatrist. Before finding Dr. Richardson, I went through five or six psychiatrists. Dr. Richardson is truly in a league of his own. He is kind, caring, personable, and is always there to help you. He is an effective psychiatrist, because he understands social and biological aspects of human behavior extraordinarily well. He is gently and compassionate, yet he does not waste time finding out the issues that you may be struggling with. He is very easy to talk to, even when discussing the most sensitive issues.

Dr. Richardson uses state-of-the-art technology that many doctors do not even know about to make sure that he can help you. For example, he uses the rEEG© to help determine, which medicines, if any you may need. He does not put you through unnecessary trial and error drug treatments to find the correct medication. Dr. Richardson also understands that you may have a busy work and family life schedule. As a result, he has the ability to use video webcam therapy to conduct therapy sessions if needed. Video webcam therapy consists of both you and Dr. Richardson having webcameras and conducting therapy sessions via webcam even if you are in different cities. If I am having a busy week at work, I just attend a video webcam session during my lunch break.

I urge you to consider Dr. Richardson as your therapist. You will not be disappointed. He has helped me tremendously and I know that he can help you too if you give him the chance.